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George gets a stalker (wow, soooo original XD)
Noodle happy
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[Random Topic Alert!]

I walked the streets of Liverpool, England, looking for a nice place to eat. Dunno where the others were, I was just tryin' to get things done. I walked in a bookstore/coffee shop. I love those! Anyway, I looked around at some novels that I was just oh, so dying to look through. Hmmm...perhaps John should've come along. We have this thing about Obsessive booking, and blah blah blah. There was a women that piped up, "Care for some coffee, sir?" Um...never been called "sir" before...but ok...."Sure, I gues." She smiled. I walked over. "Hey, I won't bite." She replied to my awkward walking. I nodded, and waited. "On the house." She said. I shook me head and said, "No. You lose business that way." I mumbled the price number and flipped through my wallet. $3.50. "Here." I said as I handed her the cash. I grabbed a book that looked interesting, and asked, "Do you carry these in paperback?" She nodded. "Right over here. Follow me." I did. Then, I blacked out. 'Why?', you may ask. Answer: I was hit in the head with a book....On purpose. I awoke back home. The guys were hovering over me. I groaned and felt my head. It was a tad numbing, like when you first wake up to pain. I had ice on it. They...

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"But, John! She isn't who you think she is! She could have KILLED me, John!" I noticed I was hyperventalating, and that was never good. The man that usually keeps cool and calm, freaking out. "She wants to make it look likeshe didn't do it, so no one will believe me. You think I'm hallucinating? Whatever." I turned away, and layed on my side, not facing them. John...

gtrabbed his shoulder. "george, listen to me. i've known anna since liverpool, and you know that. now listne, she's not gonna hurt you." i looked at her, and she had a hurt expression on. but there was something in her eye that said different. i don't know what she was thinking just glanced at me, and his expression siad all. he was giving me hurt dog eyes. "george...don't start with me." this looked to be a rather 'productive' day, eh?

I sighed. "Fine. That's how you wanted it, Mr. Lennon." I stormed off to my room and locked the door. I don't know who this "Anna" is, and frankly could care a lot less.

great. just fab. one of my own best mates justran out on me, and left me in the dust. great. now i've got him all mad at me. how's this gonna sort out? i looked at paul, and ringo, and they gave me mixed expressions. ringo's said 'mate, you've gone and done it yourself go and tell him your sorry.' and paul's exression read '...

Me expression said 'Maybe George isn't wrong.' I whispered, "You know what to do. If it had been me, I would've." Then, I heard some music from the house, it came from George's room, I couldn't identify it, but it didn't sound like someone playing a record. It was just guitar. Maybe he was playin.

i walked off to george's room, and it was a record. chet attkins. (OOC a great guitarist, influenced george quite a bit)
BIC: knocking on the door, i went in. e sat there, strumming along. "hay george, i'm sorry for getting a bit mad." he looked at his guitar still. "listen, maybe you're right, you did have quite a large bumb on your head, well, and swelling and blood and stuff.

OOC: Oh, koolio.
BIC: I piped up, "Did you come in here to state the obvious, otherwise you best be going, Lennon." I said in a harsh tone and turned to face the wall, and hopefully rest, without people misunderstanding me. AGAIN. I sat there waiting for him to go away. I stayed like I was. I groaned quietly in pain, trying to make sure he couldn't hear. He...

...gave him eyes he could hopefuilly feel gouing through his noggin. george, listen, what do you want me to do? get her arrested? run tests?" he....

I glared at him, and said, "You guys and "anna" can hang out and be super happy without me." I layed my guitar down and plopped on my bed. I sighed, and was secretly writhing in deep pain, plus John coming in here just made things worse. If he was just going to rub it in that they were all good friends from the past when she tried to kill me, I think that would make my day bloody crazy. (No pun intended.) John...

"okay. be in a huff. i'm fine with that." i flailed my arms out and walked away. i made some supper, with the help from paul and ringo, of corse. and we ate. feeling bad a bit for george, iwalked a plate up to his room. i sat at the foot of his bed, and said "here's some upper. now tell me. what did i do?" the stuff on the plate was...

It was fried chicken (random). I stared at him blankly. "Do I have to tell you?" I felt I was bein just a little unfair to John, but he could've lost a guitarist...nevermind, they would've gotten someone else. I sighed and said, "I could've died because of yer "friend". You trust her!!!" Tears welling up in my eyes, I turned away, and said, "you don't have to feed me, I can just sleep until I'm dead. You can eat it if you want." I layed there on the floor, and cried, which was so unlike me, but I'm sensitive, and they know it. I've never cried in front of any of them...especially not John.

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