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George gets a stalker (wow, soooo original XD)
Noodle happy
xxbeatlebugxx wrote in xxbeatle_bugxx
[Random Topic Alert!]

I walked the streets of Liverpool, England, looking for a nice place to eat. Dunno where the others were, I was just tryin' to get things done. I walked in a bookstore/coffee shop. I love those! Anyway, I looked around at some novels that I was just oh, so dying to look through. Hmmm...perhaps John should've come along. We have this thing about Obsessive booking, and blah blah blah. There was a women that piped up, "Care for some coffee, sir?" Um...never been called "sir" before...but ok...."Sure, I gues." She smiled. I walked over. "Hey, I won't bite." She replied to my awkward walking. I nodded, and waited. "On the house." She said. I shook me head and said, "No. You lose business that way." I mumbled the price number and flipped through my wallet. $3.50. "Here." I said as I handed her the cash. I grabbed a book that looked interesting, and asked, "Do you carry these in paperback?" She nodded. "Right over here. Follow me." I did. Then, I blacked out. 'Why?', you may ask. Answer: I was hit in the head with a book....On purpose. I awoke back home. The guys were hovering over me. I groaned and felt my head. It was a tad numbing, like when you first wake up to pain. I had ice on it. They...

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"okay. be in a huff. i'm fine with that." i flailed my arms out and walked away. i made some supper, with the help from paul and ringo, of corse. and we ate. feeling bad a bit for george, iwalked a plate up to his room. i sat at the foot of his bed, and said "here's some upper. now tell me. what did i do?" the stuff on the plate was...

It was fried chicken (random). I stared at him blankly. "Do I have to tell you?" I felt I was bein just a little unfair to John, but he could've lost a guitarist...nevermind, they would've gotten someone else. I sighed and said, "I could've died because of yer "friend". You trust her!!!" Tears welling up in my eyes, I turned away, and said, "you don't have to feed me, I can just sleep until I'm dead. You can eat it if you want." I layed there on the floor, and cried, which was so unlike me, but I'm sensitive, and they know it. I've never cried in front of any of them...especially not John.

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