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A washed-up start
Noodle happy
xxbeatlebugxx wrote in xxbeatle_bugxx
I got a small job in 1964. Even If I was Paul McCartney of The Beatles, I still needed a small job. I wanted to work more with people. I know it's strange, that ya know, 'hey, I'm a famous Beatle and all' but I wanted to try a normal job, like everyone else for just a day. I chose to work at a cafe'. I worked the cash-register, like any first-timer. I got a lot of praise from coffee-hungry fans. I signed a few autographs along the way, and also went over orders for an extra while. When they say 'covered and smuthered' I don't necessarilly take that as a good thing. "Hi, and welcome to 'The Coffeehouse Rock'. May I take your order?" I ask a very pretty young woman, about the same age as me. I try not to blush, when she opens her mouth to speak. "Hi. I would like just a 'regular joe' frappucino, pelase." I nod. "That'll be $2.16. And, um, I could get you a honeybun on the house for you, honeybun" I asked with flirty smile. She giggled, her sparkly green eyes glittering. She had blond hair and freckles. She was amazing. "I would like that. Oh my gosh. Your...your Paul. Uh-of the Beatles, aren't you? And your hitting on me? I am so lucky to get a compliment from you." She smiled. "I'm not hitting on you. I'm asking you to dinner. Tonight. At my place for Italian? I could order room-service...?" She smiled more. "I would like that even more." I smiled. "I'll pay for you." And with that I waved her away and she was gone. I sighed. I like her. I looked on the cash-register, and her number was there. I looked around. No witnesses. I copied it. Her name...was Linda.

I went home to the guys. Wow, that sounded gay. Anyway. I went home. I sat in the livingroom and picked up the phone. Should I? Oh, do it. No. Should I? Oh, god. Now I'm just procrastinating and rambling, and oh, whatnot. John walks in. "Hey John. Ya know..I um...need some advice. Love advice." John busted out in laughter. I eyed him. "If it wasn't for me, Cynthia would never be yours. She was a friend of Jane, you know." Hesighed and said,.......


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